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How CGI, AI Will Empower `fake News,` Make It Harder To Tell If Videos Are Real
An image from a video suggesting that Julian Assange is dead and has been replaced by a CGI model. Storm Watch/YouTube
Most people trust what they watch - but that won`t always be the case.
Tech is being developed that will make it easy to create fake video footage of public figures or audio of their voice.
The developments aren`t perfect yet, but they threaten to turbocharge "fake news" and boost hoaxes online.
In years to come, people will need to be far more skeptical about the media they see.
LONDON - Late last year, some WikiLeaks supporters were growing concerned: What had happened to Julian Assange?
The then-45-year-old founder of the anti-secrecy publisher was no stranger to controversy. Since 2012, he has sheltered in the Ecuadorian Embassy in Knightsbridge, London, following allegations of sexual assault. (He denies them and argues the case against him is politically motivated.) But the publication of leaked emails from Democratic Party officials in the run-up to the US presidential election saw Assange wield unprecedented influence while at the centre of a global media firestorm.
A definitely alive Assange, standing on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Here`s more information in regards to xxx porn videos have a look at our web-page. PA Images
After the election, though, suspicions were growing that something had happened to him. Worried supporters highlighted his lack of public appearances since October and produced exhaustive timelines detailing his activities and apparent "disappearance." They combined their efforts to solve the mystery on the Reddit community r/WhereIsAssange.
Video interviews and photos of Assange were closely scrutinised amid speculation that they might have been modified with computer-generated imagery - or xxx porn videos faked entirely, as at least one YouTube analysis alleged.
"We need to look at the many glitches in that interview, and there were many for sure," one amateur sleuth wrote on Reddit. "Either terrible editing went on or CGI or whatever was just not fluid enough to make the grade. We need to understand why Assange`s head looked like a cut and paste to his suit."
Another investigator took an alternative approach: "I plan on watching the interview totally sober, and then vaping a whole bunch of weed and re-watching. I find that I can spot CGI or irregularities incredibly easily when I am really high."
This is not normal behaviour. When watching newsreel, or a clip of an interview on Facebook, most people don`t give much thought as to whether the footage is real. They don`t closely scrutinise it for evidence of elaborate CGI forgery.
But these concerns may not be confined to the paranoid fringes of the internet forever.
CGI and artificial intelligence are developing at a rapid pace, and in the coming years it will become increasingly easy for hoaxsters and propagandists to create fake audio and video - creating the potential for unprecedented doubt over the authenticity of visual media.
"The output we see from these models ... are still crude and easily identified as forgeries, but it seems to be only a matter of refinement for them to become harder to discern as such," Francis Tseng, a copublisher of The New Inquiry who curates a project tracking how technology can distort reality, told Business Insider.
"So we`ll see the quality go up, and like with other technologies, the costs will go down and the technology will become accessible to more people."
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